Voting Systems

Want to know what your audience are thinking? Round One have extensive experience of audience voting, having developed some of the very first large-scale systems used on television in the 1990s. We've developed and used them ever since on entertainment shows, current affairs programs, conferences and corporate presentations, at sizes from 5 to 500.

Let The People Decide.
Think of a question. Put it to your audience. Our voting systems will give you instant answers - we can even graph them for you.

It's All In Hand.
Everybody gets a handset, whether wired or wireless. As soon as they press a button, the data goes straight into our computer systems. Our software counts and analyses the results as they come in.

Answer Back.
Our handsets contain displays which can be programmed with information tailored to your event or production. Label them with the name of the show, give your audience instructions, even message individuals secretly.

Wired Science.
Our wired systems offer total immunity to radio interference in noisy studio environments. The handsets are also powered via the data cables, so there are no batteries to worry about, and, since the handsets are rigged to specific seats, every voter is fully identifiable.

Freedom To Roam.
Wireless systems offer maximum flexibility - audiences can be seated or standing, systems are scaleable to virtually any size and no cables means a fast rig and derig. Our wireless systems use multiple antennas to reduce the chance of interference and deadspots on large and complex sets.

Keep It Real-Time.
Our voting systems return data in real-time, so you can continuously track what your audience are thinking, or get instantaneous results to individual questions. Analyse the voting data yourself, send it directly to your hosts or let us use it to drive graphics, lighting and sound effects. We can save it all to disc for your compliance team too.

The Judges' Scores Are In.
Voting systems aren't just used to poll audience opinion - our solution for Strictly Come Dancing enables the four judges to lock in their scores immediately after the dance finishes. We record and add up the scores instantly, allowing graphics to be prepared just before they're needed.