Equipment Hire

Round One keep a large stock of equipment available both for dry hire and for use within our own larger systems.

Hard Disk Video Playin.
Hard disk video playin systems have become a standard requirement in many production galleries; however the most sophisticated systems come at a high price and require specialist operators. In contrast our own systems, in use for 10 years at BBC Television Centre, are cost-effective and easy to operate. We couple professional HD and SD multichannel broadcast units with our own intuative control software, meaning that literally anyone can play in VTs instantly and accurately. We use robust touch screen technology to keep things compact, and offer instant cue and start, automatic count-out and stop, and frame-perfect loops (great for use on sets).

Buzzer Systems.
Quizbox, our "gameshow-in-a-box", was specifically designed to be simple to set up and use, whilst providing extensive and flexible facilities. Multiple buzzers, each with variable lockout (first to buzz shuts off the others), in-built stereo sound effects and scoring are all standard, as are external lighting and sound cues. So you can try out your ideas in the office, move on to rehearsal rooms and then to the studio, all with the same rugged, reliable technology. See our Format Development page for more details.

Contestant Buttons.
Whether you want a discreet, functional button for your panellists, or you want to make a feature out of it, we can help. We know what's available, but more importantly we know what'll work. We can even design bespoke buttons with internal coloured lighting, and link them to our systems.

We have a wide range of MIDI gear, designed and built in-house with broadcast and live events in mind. Trigger boxes for cueing effects, MIDI line drivers and merge units are all available off-the-shelf. We also have a range of our own interfaces, for use on- or off-set to fire sound effects.

Scan Converters.
Modern multi-platform broadcasting uses a huge array of diverse video formats and resolutions. We use high-spec HD and SD scan converters which will convert almost any format to any other, so whether you're putting a website on air, getting HD video into an LED wall or transferring a YouTube clip onto VT, we've got it covered.