Gameshow Systems

From the simplest buzzer to complex systems featuring touchscreens, graphics, sound effects, lighting cues and split-second timing, Round One have unrivalled experience in providing reliable and elegant solutions for both big-money gameshows and celebrity panel shows.

Built-in Reliability.
Time is money in a TV studio. Which is why we approach every production, whether recorded or live, the same way. By carefully considering every element of our systems, from purpose-built computers and interfaces right down to the quality of our cables and connectors, we build in reliability right from the start of every project. Leaving you the time you need to make great, entertaining shows, without worrying whether the technical stuff will work.

Stunning Software.
Having reliable hardware is just the beginning. Our software is custom-written, tailored to each production and designed to make the best use of the facilities within our systems and in the studio. It's the only way to give our customers exactly what they ask for, without compromise.

Smooth Operators.
Our staff are highly experienced engineers, all BBC television trained. Whether you want to talk technical or television, that's no problem. We understand the sort of shots you're taking, the cues you want to hit and the impact you want to make.

All Change.
TV shows evolve during rehearsals. So it's critical that you can get changes made to any aspect of the show right there, right then. Typically, the engineer running the system in the studio is the author of the software - there's no substitute for that depth of knowledge when it comes to making alterations quickly.

Mission Control.
Our systems are engineered to be operated by one person, regardless of the complexity of the show. We make extensive use of computer networking as well as industry-standard interfacing to studio lighting, sound effects, graphics, video playback and vision control to enable all elements to be under central control and synchronised.

Direct. Current.
We stay up to date with the latest technology trends. If you want to incorporate touchscreen tablets into your show or put information wirelessly into your host's hands during gameplay, it's not a problem.