Live Graphics

Whether your requirement is a Eurovision-style animated scoreboard, a clapometer, a marathon-runner tracking system, an election state-of-parties display, or simply getting viewers' opinions on-air, Round One have long experience in creating innovative solutions to display live data from practically any source.

Grand Designs.
We understand the importance of your brand. Our systems make full use of any graphics file you want to include, in any format you like. That way, everything we produce will fit right in to your production's design - you won't see the join.

Score. Draw.
Need a scoreboard that's slick, easy to understand and accurate? Look no further. We consider every aspect - graphics, animations, transitions, even tiebreak scenarios before we start development. The rule book is written into the software, ensuring that when it comes to the show, all the tension is on-screen, not behind-the-scenes.

Motion Control.
We use a wide range of advanced techniques, including 3D environments, to ensure the way you view your data isn't dull. We've kept things moving in the past with scoreboards that intelligently reorder, bargraphs that build themselves brick-by-brick and virtual maps you can literally fly across.

Source Code.
The data you need to show to your viewers can come from literally any source these days. Twitter, text, emails, premium-rate phone calls - we'll make the right connections and get the data to air. Want to display data live from a submarine off the coast of California? No problem, we've already done that. Really.

Last Word.
However much you want your audience to get involved, it's important that you retain control over the content that goes to air. Our systems provide an editorial process to ensure messages can be read and cleared for broadcast quickly and efficiently, keeping viewers' comments both current and compliant.

Mission Critical.
Live data needs reliable systems; our computers are purpose-built for broadcast, and we duplicate critical equipment for extra security.