Format Development

Great gameshow formats don't just happen. From initial ideas, through development and trial runs, to pitching the format and making the pilot, Round One can help make the process smooth sailing.

Play It Again. And Again.
The only way to get a feel for the mechanics of a game is to play it over and over. We have systems - buzzers, timers and scoring - specifically designed to be used away from the studio, in offices and rehearsal rooms. Just plug in and play - no technical knowledge required. We'll configure the system to your specifications before we deliver it.

Hit The Flaw.
We'll take a fresh look at your format and test it for weaknesses. Our long experience in writing software for gameshows comes in very handy during a format's genesis, well before you need a full system developed. We're used to trying out every conceivable gameplay scenario and looking for flaws (it's how we write the rules into our software), so for instance we can spot possible tiebreaks, or whether a contestant could run out of money too early.

Perfect Pitch.
When you're pitching a format, all the focus should be on the concept and the gameplay, not on the mechanism behind it. We'll engineer a system so you can play the game for real at the pitch, with buzzers, timers, graphics and sound effects, so your audience can really get a feel for how your format will play. No flip charts, no need to ask them to imagine what happens next - they can play the game, so you can sell the idea.

Test Pilot.
When it's time to make the pilot, we can scale up any system we've created for the pitch or start afresh. We have our own graphics design facilities so we can add a bit of gloss, or use graphics from your own designers. Read about the way we design Gameshow Systems here.