8 Out Of 10 Cats series 20 – Rx 9 & 10

We’re in BBC Elstree studio D today recording the last episodes in this series of Cats. As usual it’s an early start (7am) as there’s always loads of pictures and VTs to edit, questions to typeset etc. We installed our computer systems yesterday, as well as buzzer buttons on the set and various links to the studio systems. Cats is always a long day – we record two shows and by the time we’re finished and derigged it will be nearly midnight.

Elstree D is in the same complex as the EastEnders studios and backlot, and was previously owned by ATV in the 70s.

Studio D is the very same studio that the Muppet Show was recorded in more than 40 years ago. Remember Statler and Waldorf, the two old hecklers in the audience? Well, the outline of their box (now shuttered and painted matt black) is still clearly visible in the wall above the current audience seating!

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