Something For The Weekend

We’ve been busy recently – at the time of writing, Round One feature on UK TV in A Question Of Sport (BBC) on Fridays, both The Voice UK (ITV) and All Together Now (BBC) on Saturdays and Dancing On Ice (ITV) on Sundays. Something for everyone! Here’s a brief overview of what we do for each show:

A Question of Sport – we provide buzzer systems, scoring, graphics and computer systems for various games and VT play-in facilities.

The Voice UK – our systems control the iconic coaches’ chairs, sensing button presses and cueing the chair motors, lighting and sound cues. The control system also provides a status display in the studio gallery, keeping count of how many singers are on each team etc.

All Together Now – the system for ATN is wide-ranging, with buttons for each of “The 100” linked to computers to trigger lighting, media and graphics changes, and also to drive the sound desk which controls each of 100 microphones which enable the 100 to sing along – so when they press their buttons, they are lit and their mics go live. Our system also provides comprehensive data via tablets to the production team to enable them to target post-performance interviews and comments precisely. Multiple graphics feeds are also generated for displaying scores on the set, and we are also involved in generating graphics for post-production from data logged during each performance.

Dancing On Ice – keypads on the judges’ desk enable scores to be entered and locked in immediately after each skating performance, with instant calculation of totals and assembly of leaderboard rankings for the production team and commentator. From this data we are able to automatically generate graphics and display them across the judges’ desk on cue.

More weekend extravaganzas coming soon – stay tuned…!

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